Danwon Art Museum

Danwon Art Museum is an artistic space alive with the artistic spirit of Danwon Kim Hong-do.

Hall 1

This exhibition hall in a vast area of 1,099㎡ accommodates large exhibitions as well as diverse exhibition compositions using portable partitions.

Hall 2

This exhibition hall in an area of 598㎡ accommodates small group exhibitions and private exhibitions.

Hall 3

This complex exhibition hall in an area of 813.57㎡ consists of Kim Hong-do Contents Hall, Archives Hall, Museum Storage and Multipurpose Hall where media contents videos and various educational programs are operated.

Imaginery Arts Factory

This permanent trial-based education space is aimed at developing imagination and creativity of children through art experience such as appreciation and expression of arts.

Outdoor Sculpture Trail

Various outdoor sculptures are installed in this nature friendly art space that linked to the neighboring Nojeokbong Fall Park.