Facility Overview

Ansan Arts Center is a space dedicated to culture and arts.

Sunrise Theater

This proscenium theater is a multi-purpose complex space that accommodates diverse performing arts genres. The large theater has an orchestra pit capable of accommodating symphony orchestra with 3 wind instruments, and balcony seats (on 1st, 2nd and 3rd floors) with audience access on each floor.

  • 해돋이극장1
  • 해돋이극장2
  • 해돋이극장3

Dalmaji Theater

This proscenium theater is a multi-purpose complex space with lighting and sound facilities as good as the grand theater. With 22m distance to the rearmost seat on the 2nd floor from the stage, this performing theater keeps the 2nd visibility limit.

  • 달맞이 극장1
  • 달맞이 극장2
  • 달맞이 극장3

Byeolmuri Theater

This multi-purpose space is especially designed to accommodate theatrical plays and experimental plays. This performing stage allows actors to breath and converge with the audience.

  • 별무리 극장1
  • 별무리 극장2
  • 별무리 극장3

International Conference Hall

This is a large conference hall with 6 simultaneous interpretation rooms. (Table with 250 seats, 1 floor, 184 seat, 2 floor, 66 seat. There are two seats per table and folding chairs available.)

  • 국제회의장1
  • 국제회의장2
  • 국제회의장3

Exhibition Hall

Sight lines and lighting facilities are equipped to enable all types of exhibitions regardless of the form such as drawings, calligraphies, sculptures and photography. The hall is also equipped with air conditioning facility to preserve artworks. (Total 2,479 pyeong in 1 special exhibition hall and 3 general exhibition halls)

  • 전시실1
  • 전시실2
  • 전시실3

Outdoor Stage

This dynamic stage harmonized with the splendid views of the surroundings is a performing theater that maximizes the viewers' enjoyment and accommodates multi-purpose events such as musical festivals, street plays, madangnori and movies.

  • 야외공연장1
  • 야외공연장2
  • 야외공연장3