Art Gallery

This open cultural space is available for all local residents.

화랑전시관 소개

The Art Gallery consists of 4 exhibition halls that hold various art exhibitions including artwork exhibitions in all genres such as contemporary arts, private exhibitions of local artists and children's experiencing exhibitions.
Exhibition halls 1 and 2 of the Art Gallery are located on either side of 1F, and exhibition halls 3 and 4 are located on either side of 2F so that visitors can walk straight from hall 3 to hall 4. The heights and compositions of exhibition halls vary, but each hall has an area of approximately 110 pyeong with temporary walls in the front and back in halls 2 and 3 that are useful when exhibiting a large number of artworks.

  • 화랑전시관 소개1
  • 화랑전시관 소개2
  • 화랑전시관 소개3